7 Effective Ways to Use Honey For Acne Treatment

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7 Effective Ways to Use Honey For Acne Treatment

Honey is excellent for acne treatment. There are many ways that the antibacterial properties of honey can be used to treat and prevent acne outbreaks.

Honey has been used as a skin treatment for thousands of years, especially in the Middle East. Honey has such potent antiseptic powers that it is even used as a surgical dressing by plastic surgeons in the United States, and it can also play an important role in your fight against acne. The best kind of honey for treating acne and other skin infections.

Does Honey Help Acne?

Yes, honey definitely helps to prevent acne in many ways. Honey is a nature secret of cosmetic product which not only helps to treat acne but also treats many other beauty problems. It has many properties like natural antibiotic, sticky nature, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, essential vitamins and minerals, antiseptic, moisturizing, osmotic effect, anti-bacterial and fast healing properties which treats acne naturally and very effectively than any other remedies.

How Honey Cures Your Acne:

Sometimes there are other reason for acne like stress and medical reasons. In these cases also natural remedies is the best solution. The uses of honey are exciting when it comes to curing pimples. It helps to remove the infectious microbes and clears the blockage. Being a natural product this can be used for any type of skin. Honey can be mixed with various other natural products to give the better results. The following are a few of the combinations that can be used.

Oatmeal and Honey Mask

Oatmeal is a good solution and works great whether eaten or applied on the face. The uses of honey are enhanced when it is combined with oatmeal for a routine acne treatment. Apart from ridding you of acne, honey and oatmeal mixture is excellent for acne induced scars.

Brown Sugar and Honey Mask

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliant and makes a great organic facial scrub when mixed with honey. According to the recipe on About, you can also add olive or coconut oil and a drop of your favorite essential oil to customize it to your liking.

Cinnamon and Honey Mask

This is a great combo when it comes to treating acne. The use of honey to remove acne effective as it is a natural antibiotic. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties. This is powdered and mixed with honey to make the paste.

Milk and Honey Mask

Milk will help in soothing the infected skin, but when ingested it can cause acne. The uses of honey for acne are noticeable when it is mixed with milk or yogurt and then applied to the skin.

Strawberries and Honey Mask

The cleansing properties of the strawberries is sure to help reduce acne when mixed with honey. This will allow the epidermis to shed the cells readily, open up the clogged pores and helps in neutralizing the bacteria. Acne treatment is child-play when honey and strawberries are involved.

Honey Mask for Acne

Honey Mask for Acne

Sugar and Honey Mask

Honey is excellent for acne treatment. Lets see how it can help to exfoliate the skin. Any sugar, white or brown, will help in getting rid of the excess cells clogging in the pores. This can be mixed with honey to make scrub. This will act as an excellent scrub to exfoliate the skin.

Avocado and Honey Mask

Avocado is full of good vitamins and minerals, in addition to fat. This will help in toning acne. This is particularly effective for sensitive skin. Though there are many combinations, avocado and honey is the best.


Try these easy and safe methods to cure your acne problems without the fear of any side effects. Also, being natural is the best way to stay healthy and beautiful.

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