7 Home Remedies for Age Spots On The Face

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7 Home Remedies for Age Spots On The Face

Age spots are annoying marks that appear on the face and body due to overexposure to the sun. You can find many natural remedies to help get rid of these brown spots.

Age spots are also known as liver spots, sun spots and are brown, flat discolourations of the skin, which usually occur on the face, hands and the neck. In most cases, these spots are aggravated with exposure to the sun. They also occur when the liver becomes overwhelmed with toxins and age spots begin to develop on the surface of the skin.

Home remedies for age spots assist in getting rid of small brownish-colored lesions found in individuals of advanced age. These spots are sometimes referred to as lentigines or liver spots, and are painless. They usually appear on the neck, forehead, face, back, hands and feet. Although frequently called liver spots, they have no relation to a disorder of the liver. It is sometimes mistaken for being cancerous by common people not in the medical profession, which is incorrect. However, some enlarged spots or moles can be signs of cancer, so there is no harm in being careful and having a doctor examine them.

Home Remedies for Age Spots:

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice acts as bleach and is a regular component of many bleaching creams. It should be applied at the age spots twice a day. According to the Doctors’ Book of Home Remedies, when this treatment is administered for six to eight weeks, the age spots will begin to disappear. Citric acid and its antioxidant, rejuvenating qualities is what makes this remedy effective.


Papaya is the best treatment for all skin-related problems. Take unripe, raw papaya and olive oil. Mix one teaspoon of olive oil with one piece of papaya. Mix well and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on affected area and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Now, wash your face with lukewarm water. Instead of this, unripe papaya’s inner skin can also be rubbed gently on the spots and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this process daily once a week.

Lime Juice

Another exceptional home remedy is the use of lime juice for treatment of age spots, tanning and blemishes. Squeeze the juice of a lime and directly apply it to the age spots.If the juice is very potent, you can dilute it with some curd and then apply it on the face. The curd will leave your skin soft and lime juice will help to fade the age spots.

Yogurt Mask

Some people have found success by applying yogurt to the age spots. First, wash your face with warm water to open the pores and then pat dry, don’t wipe, since it irritates the pores. Then, apply a light mask of whole-milk yogurt to your face or other affected area with age spots. Repeat this daily for two months for serious improvement in the appearance of your age spots.

Vinegar and Olive Oil

Vinegar is acidic and may cause bothering of the skin when connected specifically. Be that as it may Vinegar has various properties that assisted in lightening the skin and evacuating age spots. To battle the acidic way of vinegar, we can blend it with olive oil, which will shield the skin from dryness furthermore feed it to flawlessness while vinegar applies its unforgiving activity on Age spots. Apply consistently to the skin and evacuates it following 20 minutes. Your skin will be left delicate, smooth and all that much clearer of Age spots after this treatment.

Buttermilk and Tomato

Home Remedies for Age Spots

Home Remedies for Age Spots

Buttermilk and tomato is one of the another best remedy for age spots. Take one tablespoon of buttermilk and one tablespoon of tomato pulp. Mix well and make a paste. Apply this paste to the age spots area and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wash it off with cool water. Follow this remedy for about a week to eliminate the problem of age spots. This remedy is also for glowing skin.


Horseradish is one of the most powerful herbs for many parts of health, but in terms of age spots, mix some horseradish into a bowl of milk for 20-30 minutes, then rub the mixture onto your age spots. The antioxidant and volatile compounds of horseradish will improve the appearance in a matter of days.

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