8 Simple Long Hair Secrets of Indian Women

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8 Simple Long Hair Secrets of Indian Women

Long and thick hair is an important part of Indian women. Even if we try out short hairstyles still our main desire remains the same that we want to get thick hair.

Indian women love to flaunt their shiny, long hair with pride. They instil more confidence in them and change their look with every appearance. Women love their hair more than they love their wardrobe! They love to style them, keep them loose and tie them up in a messy yet sexy bun. But even a smallest disturbance in the normal routine could mean hair fall or damaged, weak hair. With the simple long hair care tips for women listed here, you can easily maintain their long hair and keep them healthy despite high level of stress, regular chemical-based hair treatments and excessive pollution. If you are younger girl with long hair, or belong to different ethnicity asian or black women with long hairs. If you are looking hair care tips for summer, winter and you have dry or curly or bleached hair still these hair care tips which are given below will work for you.

Hair Care Tips for Indian Women:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best when it comes to getting longer and thicker hair with homemade treatments. Apply warm coconut oil mixed with some amla juice 3 times in a week. You can do the massaging which we call as champi as well. Keep this overnight then shampoo the hair. It will be good if you use the mild shampoos with herbal ingredients. But beware of the shampoo which has herbal stuffs but lots of harmful chemicals as well which the companies will hide. Shampoos from Khadi, patanjali, VLCC are good.

A Good Diet

As a matter of fact most Indian women are undernourished (well, thanks to our newfound love for the skinny build). Especially, the vegetarians tend to lack omega fatty acids and vitamin B12, which is significant for hair. Here are some food items you must include in your diet for better hair – fish, eggs, spinach, lentils, milk, beans, cashews, peanuts, dried watermelon seeds, roast beef, oysters, etc.

The Grandma Champi

Oiling your hair is very important, but in the correct manner. Use warm coconut/ olive / almond oil and massage it onto your scalp in circular motions. Dip a thick towel in hot water and wrap it around your head after draining the excess water. Keeping the oil overnight and washing it off in the morning, is the best. Remember, you must wash it off before going out, as oil attracts dust and dirt.

Deep Conditioning

Conditioning is very important for your hair. So, if you don’t already use conditioner, start using it now. You must follow with a conditioner after shampoo; otherwise, your hair will be frizzy and brittle.

Now, deep conditioning can be done with homemade recipes, like egg + olive oil + few drops of honey or egg + beer. Apply the mixture, hold for half an hour, and wash off with cool water. This will make your hair smoother shinier and also stimulate the growth.

Amla Juice

Amla juice is full on nutrients and antioxidants. Amla juice is also known to be the richest source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in the improvement of hair texture, hair growth and cures against the hair fall. Take amla juice and apply that on the scalp and the hair. Keep this for 60 minutes. Then wash the hair with plain water. This will also make the hair shinier. You can also drink a cup of amla juice to keep your hair healthy and to promote the hair growth.

Blow Drying Hair

Hair Care Tips for Indian Women

Hair Care Tips for Indian Women

Prevent the blow dryer as much as possible. Blow drying the hair will only cause it to split. The heat generated from the dryer is also not good for the scalp.

Washing Hair

Some people claim that washing hair daily is healthy, but the truth is the opposite of it. Ideally you should wash your hair only twice or thrice a week. However, if you have very oily hair, you must start using dry shampoo. Its quick and it won’t cause any hair fall.

Castor oil

You must have heard about castor oil and its benefits in daily life. This might be a thick and sticky liquid but its working over your hair will be wonderful. You can take some castor oil and heat it in flame so that the thickness gets diluted and you can get an ease in applying the same. It is having good amount of Vitamin E and fatty acid which works wonderfully to make your hair thick and dense. Take the castor oil in your hand, rub it across your palm and apply it over your hair so that it reaches each root easily. You also need to massage your hair in a circular motion with the help of your finger tips and hands.

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