Beauty Tips For Face Cleansing You’ve Never Heard

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Beauty Tips For Face Cleansing You’ve Never Heard

Cleansing is an essential part of your daily routine and keeps your skin radiant by removing any impurities or make-up that clogs the pores.

Achieving beautiful clear skin can sometimes be as simple as having a clean face. Cleansing helps us to get rid of old skin cells, dirt and dirt, make-up and does not allow the skin pores to get clogged up. It also helps in blood circulation and prepares the skin to get the nutrients and lipids applied after it.

Getting around in dust, smoke and traffic makes skin dull, dry and dead. Regular contact with all these things makes skin faint and pale. Gradually, it starts taking toll on the skin and permanently damages its texture. If you don’t want your skin to lose its charm before time, the only real remedy to it is constant caring. The simplest and effective way to care for your face is regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Use A Simple Face Wash Twice A Day

Wash once within the morning and once in the evening. Everyone’s skin is different and requires different things. You may have to test out a few different face washes to obtain the one that works best for you. What you really want from a face wash is one thing that cleans away dirt and germs and excess oils, but doesn’t strip your skin of its healthy oils.

Use A Toners

Whilst not necessary, toners can be a great help to people with oily skin, acne, or badly plugged pores. Toners help remove excess oils and dead skin next remain after cleansing. This is a great way to add ingredients like retinoids, antioxidants and exfoliants to your skin regimen.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Touching your face can spread the bacteria which cause your pores to become inflamed. If you have to touch your face to apply make-up or face cream, wash your hands first to ensure they’re clean of oils.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Gently exfoliating your skin will make you get rid of dead cells in your face, which can make your skin look dark and rough. Exfoliate your skin once a week, or once a month. Don’t get it done more than once a week, because it can strip your skin of important essential oils.


Toning helps in removing any residual dirt or cleanser on the face. Additionally, it helps in restoring the natural pH level of the skin, which makes it ready for being hydrated.


  • Toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acid are perfect for toning for almost all kinds of skin.
  • Natural toning is also a nice way to take care of your skin. For normal and dry skin use a combination of fresh cucumber juice with yoghurt being an astringent.
  • You can use the combination of egg white with honey combined with few drops of lemon juice as a toner for oily skin.
  • Apply toner with cotton throughout your face except the eyes and lips. Wipe the toner in upward and outward direction.
Beauty Tips For Face Cleansing

Beauty Tips For Face Cleansing


It helps in restoring the natural moisture to your face and which makes it more soft, supple and glowing.


  • Once you are done with your cleansing and toning, you must moisturize your face in order to regain the moisture lost.
  • Clean your hands before you decide to apply moisturizer to your face.
  • Deeply use the moisturizer on your face in a circular with upward strokes motion.
  • Don’t over use moisturizer as it will clog your pores and provide way to black heads and pimples.

Repeat The Process

Let’s focus on a truly effective cleanse, repeat the routine again. If you cleanse your skin over hot water, the steam will assist you to open up the pores and remove blackheads. We’d also suggest using a facial cloth to get rid of cleanser as this will ensure you get every last bit.

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