Best Summer Foundation for Oily Skin

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Best Summer Foundation for Oily Skin

the best foundations for oily skin this summer that will end your love-hate relationship with warm weather.

Choosing the best summer foundation for oily skin has been always a tough job due to the skin nature of each people, even choosing foundation based on skin tone is a difficult task, too. Others may suggest you using some products just because those products work on them, but the story is not that simple. In fact, every body has their own skin and they only fit with one or some specific summer foundation. The only way to figure out the foundation that most suits with your skin is to test them out. The list below can give you an idea on choosing the one for your oily skin since they are reviewed very positively by many customers.

If your skin is of an oily nature, you should be looking for summer foundations with a matte finish that will absorb the moisture. For instant effects, look to Clarins and Chanel for even coverage. These foundations will also be long-wearing so that you don’t have to reapply and cause a further imbalance of oil on your skin.

Summer Foundation for Oily Skin

Pressed powder

The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Summer Foundation boasts a shine-free look that lasts all day. This foundation won’t clog your pores, but it will provide natural coverage no setting powder required.

Studio Fix Fluid

As a huge fan of MAC products, I would totally recommend this one! For people with oily skin, this is a must-have product as it contains silica which has oil-controlling properties. It also minimizes the visibility of your open pores. You can achieve a flawless look with a single application. This Summer foundation provides you medium to full coverage. It also offers SPF protection.

Stila Stay All Day Foundation

This is one of the best foundations for oily skin as it contains a unique oxygen technology that not only hydrates your skin but also nourishes it at the same time. This technology also prevents premature ageing of the skin and has botanical extracts. Stila Foundation comes along with a concealer and a brush.

Summer Foundation for Oily Skin

Summer Foundation for Oily Skin

Tinted moisturizer

Thanks to a little SPF 50, the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Tinted Moisturizer prevents premature signs of aging from UV damage and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. This product is made of mineral-based ingredients and gives the skin a sheer, natural color.

Luminous Weightless

Usually the word ‘luminous’ would scare off oily-skin beauties, but Nars has managed to create a solution that offers gorgeous radiance that is anything but greasy. The winning foundation also includes lightweight ingredients that won’t clog pores and will stay put for hours.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Get ready to kick unwanted shine to the curb with a velvet finish. This formula is a match made in heaven for oily skin as it offers comfortable all-day coverage that won’t irritate skin.

BareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation

BareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation is a good option for oily skin as it provides a natural matte finish. It natural looks like loose powder but feels like cream on the skin. This formula has been proven to enhance the appearance of your skin after regular use. The brand ensures that their products are oil and wax-free as this prevents skin irritations and breakouts.

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