Best Ways to Use Egg Whites to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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Best Ways to Use Egg Whites to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Eggs are good for skin and they can do their bit when it comes to dealing with the stretch marks on your skin.

A simple method to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally is eggs. Eggs are a ironic source of protein. To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally, you want to use merely the egg whites, which comprise amino acids and proteins.

Stretch marks can be attributed to extremely stretched out skin throughout pregnancy or abrupt weight increase. This results to damaged blood vessels that initially occur in flimsier tints of pink, gradually turning into columns of silvery gray. It usually manifests on the stomach and breast, but they can as well manifest on other parts of the body like the legs and arms. The manifestation of stretch marks can lead to extreme self-consciousness in people; that is why you may have to look eventually for the help of your dermatologist. However, if you have no money to spend for expensive products, you can search for less extreme answers to your problem by means of utilizing egg whites, as an innate treatment substitute. Egg whites include amino acids as well as proteins that are considered useful in healing the skin and renovated it into a smooth young-looking form. Get to know how to use egg whites to get rid of stretch marks.

Using Eggs For Stretch Marks:

  1. How to get rid of stretch marks with eggs? Firstly, crack the eggs and collect the egg white. Remove the yolks and use only egg whites of this purpose. Use two eggs to collect the egg white.
  2. Use a fork and start whipping the egg whites. You don’t need to do it for too long. Just do it for a while.
  3. Once the liquid is foamy enough, start applying it on the skin where you see stretch marks. The best tool to use for this purpose is your makeup brush. Use it to evenly spread the egg white fast on the skin.
  4. Wait for a few minutes until the egg whites completely dry out on your skin. Use a mug of cold water to rinse the skin. After patting the place with a towel, apply a few drops of olive oil on that area and massage. Did you understand how to get rid of stretch marks?

Some Other Stretch Marks Cures

Using Eggs For Stretch Marks

Using Eggs For Stretch Marks

Besides Using stretch marks egg remedies, you can also try some of the below mentioned natural remedies for stretch marks:

  • Water and Aloe Vera juice help keep the skin hydrated making it softer and suppler. So drink plenty of it.
  • Avoid soda, caffeine and alcoholic drinks as they tend to dehydrate the skin thus making the stretch marks even worse.
  • Some home remedies for stretch marks include;
  1. applying baby oil on the affected area,
  2. preparing creams out of cocoa butter and shea butter,
  3. Using olive oil, castor oil or avocado oil on the affected area.
  • Herbal cure of stretch marks include application of marshmallow, lady’s mantle, ivy, horsetail, hibiscus, green tea, ginseng, chickweed, centella, calendula, and butcher’s broom.

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