Easy Tips to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

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Easy Tips to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

To help keep skin soft and supple your goal isn't to add moisture towards the skin, but to keep it in.

Taking care of your hands and feet doesn’t only mean moisturizing. Easy steps in your daily routine can safeguard against nasty infections as well as cancer. There’s nothing worse than dry, itchy skin in your hands or feet. Dry skin can occur anytime during the year, but is commonly more prominent during winter months.

Cold temperature can be tough on skin, particularly around the hands and feet. A decrease in humidity combined with harsh temperatures could make hands and feet dry, cracked, achy and prone to infection. a

Hands would be the most frequently used part of the body. They can become dry and ashy really fast. And feet have a beating from bearing the body weight all day. As winter approaches, hands and feet are generally more likely to look dull, red or cracked. Don’t just put on mittens and boots to cover them until spring. Taking care of them now can have long-lasting health benefits.

Tips to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

To help keep skin soft and supple your goal isn’t to add moisture towards the skin, but to keep it in.Among the best ways of locking in moisture is as simple as applying a lotion or cream on hands and feet once you have had a shower or washed your hands.

Choose the best moisturizer

It’s no secret that wind and cold conditions dry out skin on hands and, in severe cases, cause chapping or painful cracks.

Scan nails for brown spots.

Small white spots in your nails (leukonychia) are usually absolutely nothing to worry about. They often arise from a personal injury to the base of the nail, for example picking or biting it.

Easy Tips to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

Easy Tips to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

Keep nails growing strong

New cells develop deep under cuticles and push out older, dead cells. That forms those flat, hard surfaces we like to pamper and polish. If you’re always awaiting yours to grow out, try the b-complex vitamin biotin. This supplement – available at health-food stores – can help with nail growth.

Don’t go barefoot in public places

Keep your shoes on while at public facilities to avoid nail fungal infections. These take into account about half of all nail disorders.

Don’t overlook cuticles

Cuticles might seem insignificant when they’re healthy, but small tears, usually from hangnails or dryness, leave the region vulnerable to infections that may cause painful swelling. Hydrating that delicate area having a cuticle cream or hand moisturizer can help create a protective barrier against bacteria, fungus and yeast.

Wear the best shoe size

Cramming feet into too-small or pointy shoes isn’t only uncomfortable; it will make your toenail come to be the surrounding skin. That can result in the dreaded ingrown nail, which in turn causes pain, swelling and infection. It’s a degeneration that occurs because your skin sees the nail like a foreign body. Too-long toenails may also cause problems.

Make the most of a mani-pedi

All of the polish in the world can’t make ridged, scraggly tips look pretty. Buffing will smooth the top. Rub gently which means you don’t thin the nail an excessive amount of, which increases weakness. A non-acetone nail-polish remover could keep nails from becoming dry, and filing nails one way, rather than sawing backwards and forwards, prevents splitting.



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