Fairness Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

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Fairness Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Today almost every man and woman is facing a genuine skin problem, known as oily skin. Follow these natural beauty tips recommendations about how to get rid of oily skin.

Everyone in this world wants to look fairer, glamorous and dazzling. So, here are some homemade fairness tips for oily skin to help you look much fairer and beautiful. Today almost every man and woman is facing a genuine skin problem, known as oily skin. Oily skin girls also face the problem of pimples, acne, blackheads, black spots and it also give dark color look, because the oil on face catches all the dust in the air.

There are some effective techniques for fair natural skin just by home remedies. And by home remedies it is to be noted that, those things are easily available at home, which is the main advantage and affordable too. Remember before going through these best tips to getting fair skin naturally, one must have sun mask everytime they go out in the sun. That helps in preventing the efforts go in vain.

Apple Facial Message

To convert your oily skin in to naturally glowing skin, peel apple & cut it in to small pieces. Rub these small pieces on your face. After one hour wash your face with clean water. This will make your skin oil free & glowing. An easy natural beauty tip to reduce oily skin.


Get that famous glow, that one-colour fairness on your face simply by applying papaya. It’s beneficial for skin care and repair. Papaya helps you in treating and eliminating old dead skin cells, dandruff and other skin disorders and even reduces the signs of premature aging.

Yogurt Remedy

The lactic acid in yogurt exfoliates your skin to make it younger and glowing.Calcium and B vitamins in it also are helpful in regeneration of cell growth and regeneration. Yougurt is in fact a great ingredient for lightening your skin and making it fairer.


Tomatoes act as natural bleach. Yes, you would no longer need to visit your local parlour, if you make it a point to apply the tomato puree or even the tomato peel onto your face every day. It’s a tried and tested formula that works wonders on any skin type.

Aloe Vera

Wash your face thoroughly and apply gently aloe vera gel on your face & let it dry. You will feel more refreshing if gel is cool. Therefore, you may keep it in refrigerator. You can apply aloe Vera gel on your face two to three times a day as per your convenience. An other very good ancient time natural beauty tip to prevent oily skin.

Fairness Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Fairness Beauty Tips For Oily Skin


Turmeric will purify your blood, nourish your skin and give it themuch wanted glow and radiance. And how does turmeric do this. This herb spice has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties for reducing inflammation of skin along with all the blemishes, acne, pimples, pigmentation etc. on it. Include turmeric in your diet. You may also use turmeric in other ways to get fair skin.

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