The Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care

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The Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care

The winter season is upon us and we just know that it's about to do a number on our hair. Here are some tips to maintain healthy and gorgeous hair during the winter months:

Cold winter air can create havoc for your poor skin and hair. Winter takes its toll with flying hair, dry scalp and styling problems caused by wearing hats. In the winter months, hair needs a lot of tender loving care. The main reason behind these hair problems during the winter days is the varying temperature. Outside in the open, the air is cold or rather chilly but inside you get surrounded by dry heat.

With natural options, and small modifications to your hair care routine, it’s possible to maintain healthy looking tresses until the warm weather hits once again. Here are some winter hair care tips that will keep your tresses in great shape so that when spring rolls around, your hair will be ready to face warm weather in good health.

Fighting Dandruff

Winters make your scalp go dry and itchy, and with little moisture in the air, the scalp will start getting flaky and extra dry, leading to dandruff. So how to take care of hair in winter you ask?Heat or warm up your hair oil and mix it with some lemon juice squeezed out of fresh lemon. Alternatively, you can choose to apply this lemon juice on your scalp first, rubbing it over and through your scalp, and then massage completely with the heated hair oil.

Wet Less Often

It’s no fun leaving the house on a frosty morning with wet or damp hair. If you live in a freezing climate, your hair may actually freeze and break if you step outside with wet hair. Even if a wash n’ go was your go-to style in the spring and summer, winter requires less shampooing and daily wetting. You should still shampoo and condition about once a week, but since you aren’t swimming often, you don’t need to wet and/or conditioner wash as much.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great tool to repair damaged hair. Apply olive oil through your hair, with just enough product to saturate all of your hair follicles and scalp. After application is complete cover your hair with a shower cap and wait 30 minutes to wash off the oil with your normal shampoo. You will notice after completing this treatment your hair will feel softer and smoother than before.

Avoid hot water

While the idea of having a hot shower in chilling winds may be your favourite, washing hair with such water is not recommended. Our scalp tends to appear dry during winters and washing your hair with hot water can make it turn even drier. Exposure of your hair with hot water can take away the natural moisture from them while making them appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, use lukewarm water for washing your hair in winter to keep the optimum hydration level on your scalp as well as hair, maintained.

Do not use too much of shampoo

Cold winter winds can make your hair and scalp dry. This is why beauty experts advice not to shampoo your hair daily. You much shampoo your hair not more than twice a week. Also, never use very hot water for washing your hair as it can leave your scalp dry and flaky and your hair brittle. It is better to wash your hair with lukewarm water in order to retain the moisture of your hair.

Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care


While conditioning your hair is extremely important in the winters to give it that extra moisture, one more thing you can do is add some of your conditioning hair oils to the conditioner. Choose oils that you are comfortable with, especially those that are non-greasy, and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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