Ways to Wash Your Hair for Healthy & Shiny Hair

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Ways to Wash Your Hair for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Washing your hair correctly can keep your scalp free of dandruff, lice and other scalp diseases and give your hair a clean, healthy and attractive look.

Long and beautiful hair is a dream for every woman. Washing the hair doesn’t means rinsing from the hair with shampoo and pat dry having a towel. While some women need to wash their hair daily in order to keep it clean, you will find others who only require washing it once per week.  How you shampoo and condition your hair it really matters. It appears silly but there is a right way to shampoo your hair making them look shiny and healthier.

What we should should remember about our hair is that the individual strands in our hair, no matter how thick or strong it appears, is actually very delicate. The best choice of shampoo and hair care products, as well as a proper hair washing ritual, can boost the period in-between washing, and still preserve the shine and health of your hair. It includes series of steps to follow to protect your hair from many corners of damage.


Before the application of the shampoo, rinse your hair thoroughly with water for any minute or two(Soak your hair with water for a minute). Get the luke warm water to follow along with this step, luke warm water helps to unclog the pores of the scalp.

Hair mask

For those who have dry hair, that gets greasy very quickly, after you have thoroughly rinsed the shampoo, use a conditioner or hair mask to your hair. Distribute it evenly having a comb all over your hair, leave it work with several minutes, and then carefully rinse it. If you have greasy hair, than add a little apple vinegar towards the last rinsing water, which will give your hair some shine and remove the additional grease.

Do not brush hard

This is one of best hair wash tip from the expert, do not treat your hair harsh with a towel or brush. By doing this damages the hair and turns it dull and life less. To really make it dry, squeeze out the excess water from your hair and then leave it for the air to dry naturally or make many small partitions in your hair and smoothly rub each from it with towel, you can make this method while you are free but not within the hurry period.

Hair conditioning

Put ample amount of conditioner to your hands and rub them together after which apply to your hair. Focus on lengths and do not apply conditioner within the roots of your hair. Let the conditioner remain in for a few minutes before you rinse it away once more. Gently dry your hair using a towel.


Massage your scalp within the circular motion with the fingers for several minutes inorder to stimulate the scalp. It is stated that jojoba oil is the best type and helps in hair growth. You can easily do a good massage for like 5 minutes following a day; however, the movement of the fingers should be very gentle.

Do not use shampoo in direct

It’s one of the most recommended hair wash tip from many experts. Do not use the shampoo directly on your hair and scalp because the high concentration of the shampoo may damages your hair, mix the shampoo with plenty of amount of water and dilute it. Now use this mixture to wash your head.

Ways to Wash Your Hair

Ways to Wash Your Hair

Use cold water

Use only cold water on your hair to wash it, the usage of hot water tends to make the hair strands rough. Though for your complete rinse off with luke warm water, try to finish it up with cold water or normal water. Especially make use of the cold water up to and including point to remove the conditioner and shampoo by rinsing off. The advantage of rinsing served by cold water is that it aids to close the cuticles and also to lock the moisture in each strand.

Dry the hair

You should not wipe dry your hair completely since hair if particularly sensitive immediately after it has been washed. If you are towel drying do not rub the hair using the towel as it is damaging towards the hair. Instead lightly scrunch and pat your hair.

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