What Happens When Your Skin Is Really Dry?

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What Happens When Your Skin Is Really Dry?

Dry skin is caused due to the extreme environmental conditions with low humidity. It can be improved by following home remedies like healthy diet, regular exercise, use of mild soap and moisturizer and other natural skin care tips.

The sun, cold weather, and dry air may take a toll on skin’s texture, leaving it rough and dry. Creating a few changes to your daily routine and lifestyle can soften and tone your skin over time. Read on for methods you can use to get the glowing, healthy skin.

Dry skin is caused due to the extreme environmental conditions with low humidity. It can be improved by following certain home remedies like healthy diet, regular exercise, use of mild soap and moisturizer and other natural skin care tips.Dry skin is a very common skin condition in places of low humidity and cold conditions. Anyone can develop dry skin with redness and peeling. It’s commonly seen on the face as skin is thinner and is subjected to the elements. Dry facial skin can also be prone to developing fine lines, roughness, dullness and flaking. There might be many possible causes of dried-out skin. Identifying its underlying cause might help in treating this skin condition effectively.

Reasons for Dry Skin

Dry skin has many possible causes. It may be triggered by central heating indoors and cold temperature outdoors, or by sun-damage – sunbathing for long amounts of time, even with sun block, can dehydrate your sensitive skin (the outer layer of your skin). Other external causes for dried-out skin include excessive washing or using harsh foaming items that strip away your skin’s natural barrier (they often contain a skin irritant called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate).

Internally the problem can be caused by under active sebaceous glands, which produce the natural oils in your skin. It is also a sign of illness, malnutrition or perhaps a side effect of medication. In all cases, you have to keep your hydration levels up inside and outside to help the skin’s natural barrier repair itself. Every chemical procedure that takes place in the body relies on you being hydrated. Taking supplements for dried-out skin is a good idea – fish oils are extremely good, and be sure to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day to keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Treatments Options

Treat dry skin by using a moisturizer many times a day. Select a product that contains dimethicone or glycerin, which trap moisture within the skin, notes the American Academy of Dermatology. Creams using the active ingredients petrolatum and mineral oil will also be effective. Talk with your doctor concerning the use of anti-aging products. Some of these products, for example alpha-hydroxy acid, can irritate dry skin. Switching to some product that provides more moisture will sooth the skin. Also, wear sunscreen daily. Pick a product with a sun protection factor, SPF, of 30 or more. Some facial moisturizers have SPF included in the product.

Staying hydrated can also be important to minimizing skin dryness. Drink eight 8 oz. portions of water daily, recommends the Mayo Clinic. If urine is colorless or slightly yellow, you’re getting enough fluids.

Home Proper care of Dry Skin

Limit showers to once daily. Showering all too often strips oils from the skin. When showering, close your bathrooms door. This will increase humidity within the room, promoting more moisture absorption within the skin, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Utilizing a humidifier in your home also helps alleviate dried-out skin.In general, dry skin responds positively to lifestyle modification and residential care.

Bathing habit

Excessive and long bathing contributes a great deal to make the skin dry. Hence, certain alterations in bathing habit are necessary to prevent the dry skin problem. A few of the tips about bathing habit are utilizing lukewarm water, bathing only 15 minutes and limiting the regularity of bathing (once or twice each day). Reduce the use of soap while bathing, because it removes the natural skin oil. After shower, you ought to gently dry the skin instead of rubbing it.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Soap and Moisturizer

Utilization of skin drying soaps, especially deodorant soaps ought to be restricted for people with dry skin. Rather it’s possible to use bath oils and mild bathing soaps for restoring your skin moisture. Daily application of moisturizer is usually recommended for the dry skin. The best time for implementing moisturizer is immediately after bath and when it is bedtime.

Diet and Exercise

According to studies, an insufficiency of vitamin A, B and E causes dried-out skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables full of vitamins should be included in the diet regime. One should drink ample amounts water and fruit juices to keep your skin hydrated and alcohol beverages and caffeine intake ought to be kept minimum (or avoided, if at all possible). In addition to healthy diet, regular activities promote blood circulation in the body cells and tissues, thus providing nourishment towards the skin.

Natural Skin Care

  • Make a skin cleanser by mixing one egg yolk, few drops of rose water and lime juice and something teaspoon each of honey, orange juice and essential olive oil. Apply this natural cleanser a minimum of 15 minutes before bath.
  • Another natural skincare option is mashing a ripe banana and putting it on to the face and neck. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  • Massaging the face area with a mixture of almond oil and essential olive oil before going to bed is also a highly effective home remedy for dry skin.


If dried-out skin doesn’t resolve within fourteen days, contact your doctor. A doctor must also examine dry skin accompanied by itching or cracking. She will prescribe hydrocortisone creams to treat the skin. Cracked skin is treated by making use of wet medicated dressings which minimize the danger for infection.

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